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And were back!

After attending to family matters we have begun running again. Just starting out as a landscaping company has been a lot more then just cutting grass. It has been quite the learning experience. We are shifting our focus to one time cuts, yard cleanups, painting, and dump runs. We are no longer committing to seasonal cutting, but rather being readily available through our Facebook and Instagram pages. Contact us and we will come provide services and you pay when the jobs finished. I have heard a lot of horror stories of customers paying for a full summer service and having to deal with unreliable service. I have also seen how difficult it is to coordinate season long cuts, this way you call us, we will come provide the service, then you pay.

We want to provide a landscaping service that allows the customer to dictate when we come, and pay us as the jobs are completed. No more handing over big lump sums of money and receiving false promises, and service that declines over the weeks.

Honesty will be our number one goal. I will not give you the run around stories you are used to hearing. If i cant make it i will tell you. we will not hold your lawn hostage. if you are no longer happy with our services then please tell us. by not committing to season long cutting you will no longer feel ripped off with your lawn care. don't like our work, don't pay us for that job and we will both move on.

We are looking forward to meeting with all our customers. Please like us on Facebook, and Instagram for the quickest response times!

Lets change the way landscaping is done together!


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